Ad Catalyst For Network & Exchanges

Vizu Ad Catalyst is the first real-time campaign measurement and optimization solution that allows networks, exchanges, and DSP's to quickly and cost effectively prove their capabilities are uniquely suited to improve the performance of brand advertising campaigns. Ad Catalyst can also be used to enhance existing optimization capabilities to maximize Brand Lift, further differentiating your offering and growing the number and size of brand sales opportunities.

"Vizu helped us win new business and renewals at Kimberly-Clark, General Mills, and ConAgra."
— Patrick Z Davis, Market intelligence Manager, ContextWeb

Measure and optimize Brand Lift in real-time by adjusting creative, targeting, and frequency

How it works

Consumer sentiment is captured through a web-poll that asks each consumer sampled a question to measure how the campaign performed against its primary objective. Leveraging an intuitive dashboard, you can measure the performance of a campaign against its primary marketing objective in real-time. The performance of the key components driving overall Brand Lift – creative, targeting, and frequency – are also highlighted, providing opportunities to improve campaign performance.

Vizu Ad Catalyst allows networks, exchanges, and DSP's to prove their brand building potential, strengthen relationships, win more business, and grow deal size


Vizu Ad Catalyst leverages the gold-standard in brand measurement methodology – a concurrent test / control methodology using a classic experimental design. Survey responses are gathered evenly and randomly throughout the full campaign lifetime to ensure that the sample minimizes any biases and is representative of the entire campaign. Vizu also recruits survey responses directly from the actual campaign audience ensuring that the sample minimizes any panel-based biases.

Ad Catalyst, part of Vizu's Brand Advertising Effectiveness Platform, can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with Audience Incite, the industry's first real-time audience characterization solution.


Working with Vizu

Working With Vizu

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