Audience Incite For Networks & Exchanges

Vizu Audience Incite is the first real-time attitudinal audience characterization solution that allows networks, exchanges, and DSP's to quickly and cost effectively prove their capabilities are uniquely suited to reach an advertiser's target audience. Audience Incite can also be used to enhance existing targeting capabilities, package custom audiences, and create look alike profiles for valuable consumer groups, further differentiating your offering and growing the number and size of brand sales opportunities.

"Using Vizu's Audience Incite solution, we can identify custom and niche audiences across our network, allowing us to proactively package and sell these audiences to advertisers, in addition to helping us quickly and efficiently respond to RFP's."

Create completely flexible, custom audience segments in real-time.

How it works:

Audience characteristics are captured through a web poll that asks each consumer sampled a question to quantify the incidence of an attribute in a population. Leveraging an intuitive dashboard, networks, exchanges, and DSP's can quickly and efficiently determine the incidence of a given audience that can be reached through their targeting. Armed with this information, discussions with advertisers become much more productive. The real-time nature of the data also makes it ideal for responding to RFP's or optimizing targeting in market.

Vizu Audience Incite allows networks, exchanges, and DSP's to prove the effectiveness of their ability to reach custom and niche audiences, and in so doing win more business and grow deal size


Vizu Audience Incite uses a standard, proven population sampling methodology, the same approach used by leading political polling organizations for the last 100 years. Survey responses are gathered evenly and randomly across a standardized timeframe to ensure that the sample is free of any biases and is representative of the population. Vizu also recruits survey respondents directly from website visitors, ensuring that the sample is free of any panel-based biases.

Audience Incite, part of Vizu's Brand Advertising Effectiveness Platform, can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with Ad Catalyst, the premiere solution for measuring and optimizing brand advertising campaigns.


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