Ad Catalyst: Brand Lift Norms Module

Vizu's Brand Lift Norms module for Ad Catalyst helps advertisers and publishers understand how Brand Lift generated from their campaign compares to that from campaigns measured by Vizu in similar product categories or campaigns with similar marketing objectives. Vizu's normative Brand Lift database is derived from thousands of Ad Catalyst advertising effectiveness campaigns conducted by Vizu. Advertisers and publishers will be able to compare their campaign performance against Vizu's normative Brand Lift data by primary marketing objective, such as awareness, favorability, and intent, in addition to category, such as CPG, retail, entertainment, and automotive.

primary marketing objective

How it Works

Vizu's normative Brand Lift data is derived from thousands of statistically stable campaigns across the Vizu Ad Catalyst platform to provide Brand Lift benchmarks. Campaigns are carefully classified into a detailed taxonomy, allowing Vizu to provide benchmarks for all five brand funnel objectives and across many industry-standard categories and sub-categories. Using the Brand Lift Norms module in conjunction with Ad Catalyst, our customers can compare their campaign's Brand Lift performance against other campaigns within the same product category and up to four targeted sub-categories. In addition, performance can be compared against campaigns with similar marketing objectives. Normative Brand Lift data will be shown along with other Brand Lift performance in Vizu's easy-to-use web-based interface – no additional set up or software needed.

Normative Data Module

normative Brand Lift data

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