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Brand advertising effectiveness simplified – reach the right people, influence their decision, and measure the impact in real-time, ensuring you can adjust as needed to maximize the return on advertising spend.

Vizu Corporation provides the first real-time enterprise technology platform that allows advertisers and their partners in the digital media ecosystem – publishers, ad networks, exchanges, and demand side platforms – to collaborate around measuring and optimizing Brand Lift metrics, moving the advertiser's target audience through the purchase funnel from building awareness to creating intent and preference.

"Vizu's technology platform is truly transformative, bringing capabilities to our industry that traditional long-form research vendors can't provide — specifically, the ability for advertisers to collaborate with publishers and networks to monitor and optimize audience and impact in real-time, maximizing the return on our brand-building effort."
— Paul Gunning, CEO, Tribal DDB Worldwide

Why does real time matter?

Millions of brand dollars are wasted because advertisers have to wait weeks or months to determine if their advertising accomplished the desired objective, with no ability to make course corrections in-market or pre-campaign. To ensure they maximize their return on advertising spend, brands need simple but relevant metrics on audience and impact that can be measured and optimized against in real-time. Their partners need this same information to ensure they maximize the value delivered to advertisers, and thus grow brand advertising sales.

The Vizu Brand Advertising Effectiveness platform supports the real-time measurement and optimization of all key steps in the advertising lifecycle, from audience profiling to campaign measurement. The platform currently includes two solutions – Audience Incite and Ad Catalyst – that can be used stand-alone or in conjunction to drive brand advertising effectiveness. Learn more:


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