Brand Lift Optimization

How do you optimize brand lift? Simply put, brand lift can be optimized by monitoring the key variables impacting lift — the performance of creative, frequency, media and audience segments — in real-time, and making simple adjustments to these variables to ensure the campaign maximizes performance against its primary marketing objective. Brand lift can also be optimized across multiple campaigns, taking advantage of these same learnings and compounding the return on optimization over time.

"With so much at stake for everyone involved, hope is not a strategy — advertisers and their partners need access to audience segmentation and brand lift data in real time, ensuring they can take the actions needed to maximize the return on advertising spend. By the time a campaign's over, it's too late to do anything about it."

Optimizing brand lift: it really is this easy

Our customers leverage real-time metrics on the performance of creative, media, and frequency, in conjunction with three simple rules for optimization, to increase brand lift on average by 80% and increase effective media spend by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

For an advertiser, that means increased return on advertising spend. For a publisher, network, or exchange, that means increased brand advertising sales. Everyone wins. Check out a real-life case study to see an example of advertisers and their partners optimizing brand lift. And if you want to know the three simple rules, contact us today – we'd be happy to share.


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