Ad Intelligence Layer

No two ad campaigns are the same.  Each campaign consists of different creative units, media formats, media plans, and ad serving technologies - in many cases dozens of different ad servers are involved in a single campaign.  And each advertiser has different measurement needs, including custom content segments, demographic data, behavioral targeting criteria, to name just a few.  This complexity can quickly make analyzing a campaign very difficult, not to mention comparing one campaign against another.

Making sense out of this complicated and fragmented technology landscape, while satisfying a wide variety of measurement needs, is where Vizu's Ad Intelligence Layer comes into play. This business intelligence system, built specifically for online advertising's unique requirements, ensures that no matter which ad technologies are used or what site(s) the campaign runs on, the measurement data will always be presented in a clean, normalized format. Mappings for custom criteria analysis can be defined by the client, and updated even after campaigns are complete, ensuring the data that is gathered is always relevant, useful, and comparable to past and future campaigns.


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