In addition to our analytics dashboard, Vizu offers two other powerful means for customers to access audience and Brand Lift metrics in real-time, by either leveraging an application programming interface (more commonly known as an API) or through pixel integration. These methods allow our customers to directly connect their systems to Vizu's platform and automate the real-time transfer of campaign data via a secure and encrypted connection.

Our API offers the ability to pull both aggregated brand metric data as well as the complete raw exposure and survey data for any campaign. Data sets can be pulled over in entirety (useful for archiving or enabling custom presentation of brand metrics), or the API can be queried for specific measurement dimensions (e.g. show the top performing creative units for all of a customer's currently active campaigns; useful for enabling automated optimization functionality for example).

Vizu's pixel integration capabilities allow customers to associate an external third-party pixel or JavaScript call with individual survey responses. The appropriate pixel call is made in real-time when a user participates in a survey intercept from Ad Catalyst or Audience Incite. This capability is particularly useful for customers trying to build look-alike models or other aggregated data profiles of groups of individuals who are responding to a survey question with a specific answer choice(s).


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