What's the most effective manner of capturing audience characteristics and consumer sentiment in real-time? Easy — just ask them. But not so easy — determining who has actually seen your advertising, and who has not. And which media formats they've been exposed to, and how frequently. And ensuring the people you are asking are ultimately representative of the online audience exposed to your advertising; in other words, consumers who are actually the people surfing the websites you're advertising on. Vizu uses an "intelligent" survey-based methodology for measuring both audience characteristics and consumer sentiment.

Our survey intercepts are purpose-built to maximize consumer participation while minimizing potential bias. The IAB recently released a whitepaper on challenges facing Internet Advertising Effectiveness surveys – An Evaluation of Methods Used to Assess the Effectiveness of Advertising on the Internet – that highlighted non-response bias as a key issue facing the industry, noting lack of interest, lack of time, and lack of incentive as three reasons consumers seldom participate in most studies. Key features of our intercepts that alleviate these challenges include the use of a single question in a given intercept* — our response rates are 50-100X that of traditional long form research vendors, not only reducing non-response bias but also dramatically reducing the amount of inventory needed to support our ad effectiveness studies. Other key features include telling the consumer upfront that they will not be taken off the website, and providing a pay-off for participation — the ability to see overall results.
* Vizu's platform does enable multiple questions rotated across a given study, but intentionally limits to a single question per unique consumer to reduce non-response bias.

And what do we mean by an "intelligent" survey-based intercept? With Vizu, while our intercepts are purposefully built to be simple and straightforward for the consumers interacting with them, there's a lot going on behind the scenes. We're tracking whether or not the consumer has been exposed to the advertising, what media units they've been exposed to, how many times they've been exposed, and where they've been exposed — all key elements to ensuring you have the ability not only to measure Brand Lift, but also to optimize it.


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